Relieves Joint stiffness & supports mobility

Our formula is super high strength, using the world's best ingredients. It is perfectly balanced to relieve stiffness, nourish and strengthen dog joints, cartilage, and bones.

Guaranteed results

YuMOVE is so effective, results are guaranteed in under 60 days. It is proven, safe and effective, and is designed by your dog size, because one size does not fit all!

Made with Natural, Human-Grade Ingredients

Our formula contains the highest quality Glucosamine, the world's best Green Lipped Mussel (with natural Chondroitin) Hyaluronic Acid, Manganese, and Vitamin C&E.

Approved by Licensed Veterinarians

YuMOVE started with a dog in need, and developed with world class, licensed veterinarians scientists every step of the way - that's why it's  No.1 with UK vets.Maintains joint mobility

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